Guilt & Pleasure is a quarterly magazine that's making you talk more . Guilt & Pleasure is based on the belief that a good argument – especially on issues of community and identity in America – has become too rare a thing. We hope our magazine and the DIY section of this website will be used as raw material to spark conversation – be it around the dinner table, a coffee shop, or a bar. Guilt & Pleasure encourages you to talk amongst yourselves.

Guilt & Pleasure: The Fruit of Many Makers

Guilt & Pleasure is brought to you by Reboot, a sprawling network of young innovators who meet to examine changes in identity and community. The editorial and production team of G&P features a huge variety of voices, experience, styles, and people generally in ownership of long-distance phone bills that could make your eyes pop out. It's always been the Reboot way to bring together people with vastly different backgrounds and insights, and nowhere is that more evident than in the many writers, scholars, and artists who make G&P possible.

Editor in Chief
Stacy Abramson

Roger Bennett

Publishing Coordinator
Dana Ferine

Managing Editor
Jeanne McKane

Senior Editors
Amy Barrett
Nell Casey
Lauren Mechling
Sarmishta Subramanian

Shaina Feinberg
Shelley Salamensky

Founding Editor
Mireille Silcoff

Art Directors

Anne Cibola and Marco Cibola

Editorial Board

Nathaniel Deutsch (Swarthmore College), Susan Dominus (New York Times), Jonathan Safran Foer, Sarah Fulford (Toronto Life), AJ Jacobs (Esquire), Jessi Klein (Comedy Central), Etgar Keret, Jack Kugelmass (Arizona State University), Josh Kun (University of California), Alan Light (Spin, Vibe, Tracks), Mark Oppenheimer (New Haven Advocate), Eddie Portnoy (Jewish Theological Seminary), Minna Proctor (Colors), Jeffrey Shandler (Rutgers University), Gary Shteyngart, and Lara Vapnyar.